Fiskardo is the northern village of Kefalonia island. In the past Fiskardo was just a small fishermen village, while today it is a picturesque and charming place that fascinates all the tourists that arrive in Kefalonia for summer holidays.
Fiskardo has been developed as an amphitheater around its small bay and lovely port.
You will feel immediately in love with the colorful traditional houses, the clean and amazing sea and the cozy traditional Greek restaurants.
Very beautiful and evocative the short walk that from the small pier pass through the pine forest and takes you to the lighthouse on the peak where the view over Ithaka island is really stunning.
Fiskardo village became famous also between famous persons and today it’s very easy to be in a local café or a traditional restaurant sitting down near persons like Madonna, Tom Hanks or Nicholas Cage.
Fiskardo is a so picturesque and evocative resort that appears in our top 10.


Fiskardo is developed around its lovely port and has two beaches in the town.
The first has all the amenities as it is near local restaurants, snack bars and shops. It can be crowded because Fiskardo has a very nice harbor and there are many tourists who want to stop in this port with their boats.
Always in the village there is another beach that is less crowded and is located along the coast, going to Foki beach.
It 'a romantic beach, with a nice shadow provided by the olive trees and small village houses just behind.
To see the photos of these two beaches and also Emplisi beach and Foki beach, that are less than a mile from Fiskardo, click here.


During your holidays in Kefalonia island we suggest you to move by yourselves with a private car, especially here in Fiskardo where it will be amazing to discover the surrounding area.
There is anyhow a well organized public bus service that will permit you to reach also the capital of Kefalonia Argostoli.
Fiskardo is furthermore a paradise for those who own a private boat but, if you don’t have, here you can take one for rent and organize daily trip.


In the area of Fiskardo you can find different kind of accommodation such as self catering apartments and hotels. A
s many tourist like to spend their holidays in Fiskardo, we suggest not to book in late.


The village of Fiskardo is as romantic as small, but there are the basic services (bank, pharmacy, supermarket, bakery ...).
In addition, there are some lovely shops on the seaside that sell gifts, souvenirs, ceramics and high quality clothing.


Fiskardo is a picturesque and traditional village, where a romantic dinner under the stars will be unforgettable.
Also if your accommodation is not in Fiskardo, we suggest you at least one night to come here for a coffee or a cocktail along the seaside.

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