Skala, placed on the south east end of Kefalonia island, was a simple village of fishermen and farmer.
During last 20 years, due to its amazing position in front of the sea and its marvelous sandy beach, Skala turned into a relaxing tourist village.
Skala today is able to offer anything a tourist can need during his holidays in Kefalonia island such as cocktail bars, traditional Greek restaurants, tourist shops and minimarkets. Skala has a really wonderful beach that offers both sand and small white pebbles.
Skala beach is long over than 3 kilometers where you can find areas equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas and wild areas where you can have your privacy also during the high season.
If you book your holidays in Kefalonia in Skala, during the hottest hours we suggest you to have a break in the pine forest just behind the beach.
The pine forest has very large and ancient trees and nearby you can find a huge choice of street food. Having a break under the shadow while looking at the blue sea below will be really unforgettable!
Along the coast, not far from Skala village, you will find Potamaki beach.
This is a fine sandy beach and is the place in Kafalonia island chosen by the Loggerhead turtles Caretta-Caretta for their reproduction.
Skala tourist village is surrounded by a perfect examples of the picturesque countryside in Kefalonia with small properties cultivated with olive trees, small vineyards, free goats and sheep and hundreds of hives used to produce the sweet traditional Greek honey.
Next to Skala village you can also visit the ruins of an ancient Roman villa of the third century and, just 2 km far from Skala, some archeologist an ancient temple of the seventh century B.C. built in honor of Apollo.


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