Melissani lake, also known as Nymphs’ cave is a mysterious and unique place, strange but amazing at the same time.
Placed in a central position on Kefalonia island, just 2 kilometers from Sami beach and 10 from the town of Argostoli, Melissani lake is worth visiting during your stay in Kefaloniaisland.
Discovered in 1951 this natural wonder consisted on a dark cave with a subterranean lake.
With the terrible earthquake in 1953 the roof of the cave collapsed, allowingthe sun rays to light the lake below and creating that stunning reflections that today are admired by thousand of tourist every summer.
The water in Melissani lake is both sweet and salt.
The salt water comes from the sea that is not far away, while the sweet one comes from a natural source placed about 20 meters underground.
If you are here in Kefalonia for all the summer is possible to visit Melissani lake by small rowboats tours.
Visiting Melissani lake by boat you will visit the
first room with its spectacular underwater reflections, you will pass next to a small island and enter in the second room full of stalagmites, stalactites and particular rock formations.
Here in Kefalonia island, Melissani lake is one of the most interesting natural attractions, that’s why we decided to include it inside our Top 10.
We would also like to suggest you that the best time to visit this place is between 12 and 2 p.m. when the sun rays are stronger and the reflections on the water and along the walls of the cave are really amazing.


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