In our top 10 can not miss a guided tour at the Drogarati cave of Kefalonia.
Along the road coming from Argostoli you will find the cave just few kilometers before Sami, not far also from Melissani lake.
Drogarati cave, although local people knew it also during the previous century, has been organized and open to the public only in 1963. Today is possible to visit only the first part of the cave that is divided in two large room.
The upper room is characterized by amazing stalactites and is called the “Royal Balcony”.
The second room, called “Apotheosi” is really wide with a round shape, a vaulted ceiling 20 meters tall and full of natural rock formations.
This second room has a rare, unique natural acoustics and in few special occasions are

organized concerts with more than 500 spectators inside the cave.
For its unique acoustics, Drogarati cave here in Kefalonia island is also known as the cave of the concerts.

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