Fiskardo, placed along the North coast, is one of the most evocative villages in Kefalonia island.
Fiskardo is still today a fishermen place with its picturesque small houses near the sea and its lovely local port.
Fiskardo is also famous by Greek people as it’s one of the few places undamaged by the terrible earthquake that during the 1953 has destroyed Kefalonia and Zakynthos island.
Today, especially in the summer during the high season, it’s funny to look at the pear and see old fishermen boats docked near luxury yacht.
If for your holidays in Kefalonia you decide to book a hotel or an apartment near Fiskardo, remember that early in the morning it’s easy to find local fishermen selling fresh fish at the pier, it will be a unique experience!
During the day, somewhere around Fiskardo you can choose between a lot of small lonely cove.
There is really a huge number of bays, never crowded, with clear sea water and surrounded by the vegetation.
During the night the village of Fiskardo turns into one of the most romantic places in Kefalonia island.
Under a starry sky you can have a delicious meal in a traditional Greek tavern, you can seat in a local coffee bar or just walk along the narrow street between the old houses.


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