Mount Ainos (pronunciation Enos) is in the South part of Kefalonia island and has an extension of 10 kilometers.
This is the largest mountain in the island and its highest peak, Mount Soros, has an altitude of 1628 meters above sea level.
Here in Kefalonia island you can listen several legends regarding the mountain; the most famous is a story regarding a dragon named Loukissas, a terrible creature who lived between the grey rocks in the top.
In 1962 mount Ainos was declared national park of Kefalonia island by the Greek government. The extension of the park covers more than 12000 hectares and it is a real paradise for all the nature lovers.
Visiting the park you can admire a large variety of flowers, plants and trees, among all the rare black pine of Kafalonia (Abies Caphalonica).
Mount Ainos national park is very interesting also from a faunal point of view as is very easy to see varieties of reptiles, tortoise and peregrine falcon.
In the neighborhood of the Pygi monastery and its natural spring water there is still today a group of horses of an ancient local race living in the wild.
Mount Ainos is included in our top 10 as we think that during a holiday in Kefalonia a visit to this national park can represent an interesting change.
You can organize short or long walks, spending your time near a wild and uncontaminated nature.
If you’re tired there’s always the possibility for a break in different rest areas.
If you feel adventurous you can try to reach the top of the mountain, where a metallic box with a guestbook inside is waiting for you. Coming up here, the most beautiful memory that you will bring back will be amazing view overlooking Kefalonia island, the evocative sceneries of Zakynthos island, Ithaki island and the Peloponnese that only from hare you can admire.

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