This research of the most magnificent places on Kefalonia island will continue with visiting Assos village.
Assos is a small lovely village in the region of Erissos, along the north west coast of Kefalonia, not far from Myrtos bay.
Kefalonia is really a stunning island, plenty of marvelous natural places, but we think the village of Assos is really unique in south Mediterranean.
From the coast main road, you take a steep bendy road surrounded by green Cyprus trees and little by little you’ll start to see the red colored roof of the houses.
This small village is surrounded by the sea and has been developed in front of the ancient fortress.
The castle located on the top of the promontory in front of Assos was built in 1593 to defend this part of Kefalonia from the pirates.
Today does not remain a lot of this building, but the promontory all around is really evocative, with a marvelous view overlooking the sea.
Here there are only two kind of sound: the wind and the waves.
A stop off in Assos is also a great opportunity for a meal with traditional Greek food in front of the sea or for an unforgettable swim.
At the small pier is moreover possible to meet some local fishermen available to bring you in a desert beach.


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