The long white beach of Antisamos is included in our top 10 as it is very famous but still offers a wild scenery.
This bay with its green surrounding mountains is so beautiful that was used by the industry of Hollywood as a natural setting for the movie “Captain Corelli”.
From the tourist village of Sami, placed along the East coast of Kefalonia, in less than 5 minutes by car you can reach the huge bay

of Antisamos.
When you are still up on the cliff you can admire all the bat with a stunning view from the top.
Here you have to stop along the road to take a picture!
You can leave your car in the big unpaved parking behind Antisamos beach, and you immediately realize how beautiful is this part of Kefalonia island.
The white color of the pebbles, in contrast with the blue of the sea and the green of the surrounding hills is so stunning and extraordinary that will be a memory of your holiday in Kefalonia for all the winter.


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