All the most important festivals and events of Kefalonia have religious connotations.
Orthodox religion (almost all the population) and Christianity form the basis of Kefalonia culture and the major holidays are associated with the worship of Christ or the commemoration of the Patron. 



At Kefalonia, the Carnival is still celebrated in the old traditional way and it is one of the most famous in all Greece.
In the squares and in the streets, the "Kavalieri", with their white skirts and their "Dames", dance the traditional dances of Kefalonia.
Obviously the biggest events are in Argostoli and Lixouri where there are processions of floats and groups of masked people.


Easter in Kefalonia, as in all Greece, is a deeply spiritual event more important than Christmas.
The celebrations of Easter are characterized by lunches with whole lambs on the spit, by folk dances and by the nice tradition to paint eggs red, which are then broken with friends.
There is a legend that gives an explanation about the red eggs.
Mary Magdalene after she went to Jesus' tomb and found it empty, she ran to the house where the disciples were. She announced the great news and a disbelieving Peter looked at her and said, "I will believe you only if the eggs you have in the basket will become red" and immediately the eggs were painted red.
For somebody the red color symbolizes the blood of Christ, for others it's the expression of joy for the Resurrection and at the same time it is a way to keep away the evil.
On Good Friday there is the procession of the Epitafios and on Easter Monday, in Vlachata, there is the procession of the icon of Sissia Monastery.


In Kefalonia, as in the rest of Greece, the name day is more important than the birthday. 
The choice of personal names is important for Greeks, in fact they always give to the new babies the names of the grandparents in their memory. 
Moreover the name days are well-known since the Greek names are all present in the calendar as names of Saints, while is more difficult to remember all the birthdays. 
For this reason everybody, in their name day, prepare a banquet for those who will pay a visit to give wishes.


In addition to the dates listed below indicating the major festivals, during the summer months, on Kefalonia island artistic, cultural and sporting activities are organized.

1 May

In Kefalonia, as well as in all Greece, May 1 is celebrated as a national holiday for workers and the beginning of the Spring.

21 May

On May 20, we celebrate the annexation of the Ionian islands and Kefalonia to the Greek state.

24 June

It is celebrated St. John Tzannata.

29 June

In Pesada there is the celebration of the Saints Peter and Paul and the 12 Apostles.

11 July

There is the celebration of the Saint Efimia in the village of the same name (Aghia Efimia).

15 July

The 15 July begins the FESTIVAL of ARGOSTOLI which lasts about 15 days.

17 July

The feast of Aghia Marina is celebrated in the village of Vlachata.
20 July
Pilgrimage on the mountains dedicated to St. Elias.

26 July

The feast of Saint Paraskevi is celebrated in the villages of Trogiannata, Atheras, Metaxata Mesovounia and Lepeda

1-31 August

In Argostoli the National Festival of choral singing is celebrated.

6 August

There is the feast of the Saviour in Agia Efimia

15 August

In the Monastery of the East in Aghia Efimia is celebrated a great popular festival.

16 August

In Argostoli and in the tourist center of Skala is performed the procession in memory of the patron saint of Kefalonia island: Agios Gerasimos.
There is also a festival in the monastery of Panagia Agrilia.
23 August
There is the celebration of the Virgin Mary in Kechrionas and in Agrilia

29 August

In Ratzakli there is the festival of Aghios Ioannis.

1-10 September

In Lixouri there is the festival of choral singing.

8 September

In the charming village of Fiskardo is celebrated the feast of Our Lady with traditional musical instruments.
14 September
In Estavromenos Monastery of Pesada and in the monastery of Kipouria is celebrated the Resurrection of the Holy Cross.
24 September
Feast of Theotokos Drepaniotissa in Argostoli

20 October

In Argostoli there is the procession of Agios Gerasimos.
26 October
Celebration of St Dimitrios in Lixouri.
28 October
For the Anniversary of the National World War II there are parades in Argostoli and Lixouri.

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