Poros is placed along the south east coast of Kefalonia and is the principal village of the Pronnoi region.
This region ofKefalonia is characterized by thick green Mediterranean vegetation, deep canyons, natural springs and white pebbles beaches.
Poros is a small village with in front the blue sea and just behind the mountain of Atros full of vegetation.
Poros is famous in Kafalonia island as one of the first villages to welcome the tourists coming with private boats in the end of the 80’s.
Still today Poros attracts many young couples and families with children from all Europe.
Poros has a port where the ferries from the mainland (Killini) arrived.
For who want to enjoy a beautiful view of the village, the coast and the sea we recommend going to see the Monastery of Atrou which is in the mountains just behind Poros; unfortunately the road is unpaved but the setting is beautiful.
In addition, just over a mile from Poros is an ancient Mycenaean tomb that you can visit.


Here in Poros there are two principles beaches. Both beaches have white small pebbles and an amazing and clean sea.
Poros has two bays, the first has an equipped port also used by ferries arriving from the mainland.
In the second one, which is smaller, there is a large square, a small dock and beach facilities for tourists.
Along the coast to the north, at the end of the town, there is a second much larger beach of white pebbles. This beach named Ragia is wilder, less wide and less crowded.
Very nice setting to have a wonderful sea in front and green mountains behind.


There is the possibility to rent a car or a motorbike.
Anyhow Poros is daily connected with the capital Argostoli by public bus service.
Poros, together with Argostoli is the only village in all Kefalonia island where you can find ferryboats to reach Killini in the Greece Mainland.


In Poros, like almost everywhere in Kefalonia island, you can find accommodation for any kind of needs and pocket.
You can decide to sleep in front of the sea, near the small pier or, if you prefer a panoramic view, find a solution on the hills behind.


In Poros there are restaurants by the sea and also inland, snack bar, mini-market and small shops selling souvenirs for tourists near the largest square of Poros.


Poros is seafront village very quite and relaxing, ideal for couples or families with children.
The nightlife here in Poros consists on a romantic dinner in front of the sea and in a drink with a candle light atmosphere.

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