To visit Assos village is necessary to have a vehicle as this small lovely place is relatively isolated. The junction along the coast road is far from the nearest village and to reach Assos the road is steep with many turnings.
Not very far from the amazing Myrtos bay, the picturesque village of Assos is a really unique place in Kefalonia island and for this reason we have put it also in our top 10.
The area is green with many Cyprus trees and Assos is small, pretty and surrounded by the nature.
Entering the village you will reach immediately the small square with its old restyled houses, few romantic traditional Greek restaurants and the small pier built for private boats and local fishermen.
The local beach is small, but the sea water is clean with an amazing blue color.
If you owns a private boat, the surroundings of Assos offers many small and desert beaches. The left part of the village is like a peninsula that connects Assos village with its old castle.
This fortress was build in the end of 1500 to protect this part of Kefalonia island from the pirates of Mediterranean sea.
Still today is possible to go up till the top of this small headland and have a walk through the ancient ruins.


Assos is a small gem, that you can notice also from the coast road.
The village is very small and there are two beaches not very large.
One of the two is right in the village and it’s more long than wide.
In high season there are some sunbeds with umbrella but a part of the beach is always free.
Just behind you can find two restaurants for lunch and the beach is anyhow close to all the other restaurants, bars and shops of the village.
The second beach is along the narrow road leading to the castle of Assos.
It 's a bit wider than the previous one and it is completely free.


In Kefalonia islans, Assos village is one of the most beautiful but at the same time one of the most isolated. For this reason is better to have a car or a motorbike to come here. At Assos there are no stable taxi service or rentals.


At Assos village all the type of accommodation are really charming, but considering the dimensions of the village they are not too many.
We high recommend you to book in advance also because many persons wants to book their holidays in Kefalonia at Assos village.
Spending your stay here it will be like to stay in a picturesque place of an ancient time; romantic and totally relaxing.


Assos is not a massive tourist village therefore except a couple of handcraft shops you will not find anything else here.
Certainly there are minimarket, bar and restaurant.


Who decide to come to Assos village comes here to enjoy an unspoilt nature and a wonderful sea.
Around the small lovely square there are a couple of traditional Greek restaurants and cocktail bars where to spend a special night with candle light and the sound of the sea. Absolutely recommended for those who want to spend a romantic and unforgettable dinner.

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