Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia island and with its shops and its life along the port represents the central life point of the whole island.
Argostoli, surrounded by nice hills and Mediterranean vegetation, overlooks Koutavos lagoon.
During the summer period Koutavos lagoon is full of yachts of rich tourists and boats of local fishermen that come here to sell their fish to local restaurants placed along the port.
Unfortunately during the second world war and especially with the terrible earthquake of the 1953, Argostoli town has lost its ancient charm made of Venetian buildings and narrow pedestrian streets.
Today the capital of Kefalonia island appears as a lively town with the live of its inhabitants that is divided between the well organized port area and the central area with its traditional shops, local coffee bars and restaurants (Argostoli is in our top 10).
In Argostoli there are several cultural attractions like the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of history and folklore, the cathedral, the church of San Spiridona, the lighthouse of Ag. Theodoron and in a short distance (3 km) there are also the cyclopean walls.
Going along the coast in the direction of the lighthouse, you will come across the Katavothres which are well described in the mysteries page.


Argostoli does not have a beach within walking distance.
However in a short distance, less than 2 km, there are all the beaches and coves of Lassi area.


If you want to visit Argostoli we really suggest to move inside the town by walking.
Kefalonia main town is not so big, avenues and squares will permit you to enjoy a nice walk and to visit all the interesting points will not take you so long time. To move to areas that are nearby the town, if you don’t have a private vehicle, there is an efficient public bus service.
From Argostoli there are also several ferryboats that many times per day will take you to Lixouri area where you can go swimming to the famous Xi beach. This small ferryboats give the opportunity to bring also your car and the trip doesn’t take more than 40 minutes.


Normally those who decide to come for holidays on Kefalonia island prefer to book an accommodation in a sea front village and not in Argostoli.
For this reason inside the town the choice of villas and apartments is not so wide, while there’s a huge number of hotels.
If you are looking for an hotel inside Argostoli you can find almost everything you like and for any kind of budget.
In addition, at the extremity of Argostoli peninsula there is one of the two campsites of the island.


Also during the winter when Kefalonia island is without tourists, Argostoli is still populated and remains a lively town.
In Argostoli you can find any kind of service you can need: banks, pharmacies, traditional Greek restaurants, tourist shops, supermarkets etc. Together with the port area, the hearth of Argostoli life is the “Lithostroto”. This is an internal road, pedestrian and very large where it’s really nice to have a walk and look small shops that sell traditional Greek products, small handcraft boutiques and many other kind of shops.


Argostoli, especially during the summer, is a lively and modern town where also local people love to enjoy their shops, restaurants and pubs.
In Argostoli you will see Greek inhabitants walking along pedestrian road with tourists, having a coffee in local “cafeterias” or tasting a traditional Greek meal. During your holiday in Kefalonia island we recommend you not to miss a walk along the port of Argostoli or along the Lithostrato.
If you are here during the evening it would be a nice idea to stop for dinner in a traditional Greek restaurant or spend the night in a local cocktail bar for a drink under the stars.
Argostoli is the best place on Kefalonia to spend a night with music, cocktails, dancing and fun because it offers more pubs and clubs than all the rest of the resorts.

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